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Cinemagical Media is a women of color owned production company that creates films and campaigns with bravery, courage and heart to bring messages alive and inspire social change. We work from a values-based model rooted in collaboration, uplifting marginalized voices and art as activism. We work in a variety of capacities to create cinematically striking media that catalyzes conversations, expands perspective and ripples deep impact in our cultural tide. We believe that if we want to change our culture, we have to change our stories. This also includes how we tell our stories, who tells it and the lens and process that guides us.

What does BIPOC-centering, intersectional feminist and equity based storytelling look like?” There is a void of bold leadership voices and representations from this perspective. We need these stories to help shift cultural paradigms and heal from the widespread harms of white supremacy and colonization. As our wise ancestor Audre Lorde said ‘The master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house” We actively engage in ways to create with ahimsa (non harm) in both content and process; we disrupt toxic structures that erase and misrepresent us, we reclaim ways we tell our stories.  We center BIPOC bodies and other marginalized voices on the screen. We ask, ‘What are the stories that have not been told; Where do I need to be brave to tell the stories that will bring forth change and mirrors for our dreams?’ As BIPOC/marginalized voices, we are centered and drive the conversations. Our stories are part of the paradigm shift we need for this moment. We are beautiful.  We take our place.

Our framework includes

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Crafting a media strategy and designing the story you want to tell is a process. We help you surface what matters. Do you need help with the creative process and strategy, consulting to get started or build a framework? As filmmakers experienced in all phases of production and audience engangement. we are here to help you dreamstorm your vision and create both a final product AND a process that will mirrors your values and goals. 

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Do you have a story to tell? How you present your story matters. Together, we identify the essence of your vision and craft a script, storyboard and style that matches your mission, goals and best way to reach your audience. We use this as the foundation for production and post production. We offer start-to-finish production (includes experienced crew), or we can also step in for stand alone roles: Producer, Director, Camera, Editor. 



Do need  a guest speaker, panelist or workshop for your community, conference or classroom? Or do you need someone to moderate a panel (we know a lot of really interesting cultural visionaries and thought leaders). Past topics we have presented on include: Artists Talks, Making Media That Matters, Ethics in Documentary Storytelling, Creative Presence, BIPOC centered storytelling, Women in Media, Matching Mission with Content and Process, Regenerative Creative Practices. Reach out and let’s birth some magic!