Rise 2018

To commemorate One Billion Risings 2018 Risings and the 6th year of the movement, we gathered footage from risings worldwide that took place the week of February 14, 2018. This 30-second video was shared on V-Day and One Billion Rising social media channels and also incorperated into news letters, websites  and general campaign marketing.

Risings took place around the globe with a call for solidarity, a call for system change – the change of mindsets, the change of structures, the change in consciousness, awareness and understanding of violence, the change in policies that affect women economically, socially, sexually, physically, emotionally, and the end of the revolving patterns of domination, oppression and exploitation. SOLIDARITY IS RADICAL CONNECTION. This revolution demands vision, community, trust, commitment, courage, belief, hope and LOVE.


Directed and Edited by Cinemagical Media  / Kirthi Nath

Filmed by activists and filmmakers from all over the world

Motion Graphic Design by Galya Kay