Queering Yoga

Queering Yoga tells the story of 6 Queer/Trans/QTPOC yoga teachers and their personal stories of healing, transformation and yoga journey. Queering Yoga embraces an intersectional lens to explore identity, personal and community transformation, spirituality and also positions Queer/Trans/QTPOC yoga teachers as important voices and leaders in current day yoga conversations and spaces committed to ending racism, homophobia, transphobia, and embracing more inclusivity. People featured in Queering Yoga include: Chani Nicholas, Deontre Martin, Jacoby Ballard, Richelle Donigan, Roshan Sukumar, and Skeeter Barker.

Roles: Editor (feature film and trailer), Camera (nature footage, Ojah retreat b-roll), Writer (poem), Story Producer, Post Production Music Supervisor