• Video Duration: Attention or Imagination?

    Video Duration: Attention or Imagination?

    Why is it important to keep your web videos short these days? Sure, we have lots to share, we’re doing great things, but video is a two way street and we need to consider our audience and our cultural ecology of attention.

    A recent behavioral study put out by Lloyds TSB reports that the average attention span is now just five minutes and seven seconds, compared to more than 12 minutes a decade ago. How does this translate to online video? Shorter is better. In fact, folks say, get your most important info out within 30 seconds because you don’t know if your viewer will be there until the end.  From a filmmaker standpoint, this has always been a rule, capture your audience’s attention in the first 30 sec. I’d like to iterate upon this adage to ‘capture your viewer’s imagination’…much more interesting possibilities happen from here. 

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